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The preferred basket size needed to handle most straining, seiving, washing, cleaning, holding foods or fruits tasks.Best colander bowl set, drain basket for your kitchen works for draining most foods like spaghetti, pasta, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, carrots, spinach and other veggies. User these strainers to rinse your salad leafs, fruits and fresh vegetables.Multi functional 2 in 1 set. Includes colander with holes for straining & bowl for retaining liquids and water.Much more convenient..
Baap Price: Rs.52.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.246.00
Stainless Steel Spiral Potato CutterIt is easy to operate and very safe and convenient to slice potatoes.The potato spirals can be served at parties, functions or as a treat to your children, friends, and family.Easy to use and brings you the best potato in the perfect spring shape.Create spiral ribbon garnishes for the most exquisite dishes with this garnish cutter. Perfect for creating curly garnishes and curly fries...
Baap Price: Rs.77.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.364.00
Stainless Steel Onion Cutter Onion HolderOnion Holder Sharp stitches prevent slippage and cut evenly for greater safety and pin joints are sturdy and durable, not easy to fall off.The Onion Holder can also be used as a meat tenderizer.Long steel needle penetrates deeply, into the meat to improve its taste.It is also easy to clean after use. Light in weight, everyone can use it for cooking...
Baap Price: Rs.83.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.390.00
Pack Of_5 Wave Shape Stainless Steel Potato Cutter SlicerPotato vegetable chipser French fries and finger chips cutterCut Perfect French Fries In One Smooth MotionThe Products Are Modern, Stylish and Designed for Your ComfortThe Handle Very Easy To Clean...
Baap Price: Rs.70.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.330.00
Pack Of_5 Vegetables Celery Parsley Cabbage Leaf Stripper Plastic looseleaf herb Leaf Stripper Kitchen GadgetsInsert stems and pull through hole, easily and quickly strip the leaves from herbs.The hand held design is easy to use.The Side also Can be Use As a Plastic Knife.This leaf-shaped device works well with woody herbs like oregano..
Baap Price: Rs.64.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.300.00
Pack Of_5 Fold able Plastic Whisk Beater Hand Blender Mixer Froth Whisker Lassi MakerErgonomically designed for excellent balance and control-for a difference you can really feel in the han.balloon whisk makes cooking much easier and more enjoyable.Try the largest whisk for big bowls of pancake batter, the midsize one for beating eggs, and the littlest for blending a small batch of vinaigretteThis piece kitchen utensi will blend in well when you're trying to outfit your kitchen with everything y..
Baap Price: Rs.51.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.240.00
Pack Of_5 Drain Cleaners Stick and Drainage Block Remover for KitchenThe Drain Cleaners Stick Strip can be used in both plastic and metal drain pipesbathtub, shower, wash basin and toilet bowl sewer drainage outlet.The drainage strip is unstained and unfundedHealth product for household, no need to worry about it...
Baap Price: Rs.55.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.260.00
Pack Of_2_6 Pieces Set Ice Popsicle Moulds, Homemade Reusable Ice Cream Mold Candy Maker They are good for freezing juices and other ingredients, such as purees, yogurt, gelatin, fruit, ice milk, pudding, jams and jellies and more.Storite six pcs ice pop molds include a popsicle molds basecan be used again and again in the freezer for years to come, reducing waste.Our popsicle maker is designed for easy to use and clean, totally non-stick...
Baap Price: Rs.55.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.260.00
Pack Of_2 Stainless Steel Chili Corer Peppers Seed Remover Knife with Serrated Edge Barbecue ToolsPepper corer made of food grade stainless steel of the blade and handle.Just insert and twist, then the stainless steel blade with the serrated edge and sharp inner teeth easily removes the core and seeds.A metal hook end easy to hanging up.Good grip handle for quick, safe, comfortable to control to coring the peppers and more. Great for small to medium size peppers. Also ideal for cucumbers, tomato..
Baap Price: Rs.55.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.260.00
Pack Of_2 Stainless Steel CakeBlade Material Type: Stainless Steel, Blade Edge Type: Slanted edge, Handle Material: AcrylicThis beautiful set is elegantly designed for a true quality effect with sculpted and carved accents and ridges to look expensive and antique.Included Components: 3 Pieces.For wedding, Newyear, Chirstmas, grand party or any kind of celebration..
Baap Price: Rs.66.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.312.00
Pack Of_2 Silicone Ladle Soup Spoon Nonstick Heat Resistant Long Spatula HandleThe handle designed for easy and comfortable use and provides a secure gripLadle Soup Spoons are solid, durable, long Lasting. They are gentle against delicate pots and nonstick pans.You can firmly scrape up any food from the bottom of your cookware without having to worry about scratching the surface.The Silicone spoons will never go out of style, no matter what type of kitchen you have. ..
Baap Price: Rs.77.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.364.00
Pack Of_2 Onion Vegetable Hand Press Cutting ChopperExpress chop chunks of onions, herbs, garlic or spices into smaller pieces with a sharp one-piece zigzag blade that cuts and rotates at base with a quick push of the non-slip, easy grip plunger handle by your hands.No need to directly hold the garlic while peeling and slicing.Keeps your hands from stinky smell. Great for Dicing, Mincing & Crushing Garlic, Onion, Tomato, Fruit, Nuts, Herbs, Vegetables & More...
Baap Price: Rs.72.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.340.00
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