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Personal Care

Pack Of_5 Strips Acid Test Paper Water Litmus Testing Kit 80 Sheets (Color: Assorted)There Is A Strong Correlation Between The Ph Of The Body'S Internal EnvironmentPh Paper Help You To Maintain Good Healthy Body By Testing Many Usual EverydayIncluding Moisturized Soap, Lemon Juice, Milk, Liquid Detergent, Moisturized Soil, Saliva, Urine, SweatPh 1-14 Color Chart In Each Pack..
Baap Price: Rs.49.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.288.00
Pack Of_3 Tongue Cleaner(2 Pcs Set) (Color: Assorted)Enables Access Right To The Back Where Most Odor-Causing Bacteria Reside.Greater Support And Control While Brushing And Scraping.The Combined Actions Of Brush And Scraper Effectively Loosen And Then Remove Plaque And Food Debris From The Tongue Surface.Fights Bad Breath..
Baap Price: Rs.50.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.293.00
Pack Of_3 Moisturizing Skin Softening Silicone Gel For Dry Cracked Heel Repair (Color: Assorted)Moisturize The Skin, Keeping Skin Moisture, Healing The Ols Cleft.Deep Penetration Of Moisture, Promote Epidermal RenewalAging Of The Skin Gradually ThinningSoft & Flexible, Able To Absorb The Impact Of Walking, Relieve Pain..
Baap Price: Rs.46.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.270.00
Pack Of_2 True Touch 5 Finger Deshedding Glove (Color: Assorted)this flexible, slip-on grooming gloves allow you to brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from cats and dogsperfect for long, short and curly haired dogs, cats, and other petsbathe the pets with this glove, which will clean the pet hair easily and give your pets a gentle massage without hurting their skinfive finger design allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like tail or face..
Baap Price: Rs.58.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.345.00
Pack Of_2 Silicone Body Scrubber Belt (Color: Assorted)The Design Of Our Back-Scrubber Strap Will Give You A Comfortable Massage Feeling When You Use It To Scrub Your Body.The Handle Has Good Toughness And Has Strong Tensile Strength.Scrubber Belt Can Be Used For Hand Face Feet Body Clean And Is Perfect To Relax Muscles, Relieve Stress, Release Metabolic Waste And Toxins, Promote Blood Circulation And Increase The Elasticity Of Your Skin.Bathroom Back Scrubber..
Baap Price: Rs.66.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.390.00
Pack Of_2 Gel Orthopedic Foot Protector Anti Crack Toe Protector Toe Separator For Men And Women (Color: Assorted)Stretchers Regain Foot Health By Wearing Them Regularly Can Be Used For Any Duration.Very Soft Gel Products Help To Protect Your Bunion From Knocking And BumpingThey Will Help To Realign Toes To Their Natural Position If You Worn EverydayRelieve The Sense Hammer Toe Pain..
Baap Price: Rs.44.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.260.00
Pack Of_10 Soft And Gentle Cotton Buds (Color: Assorted)Double Tipped Cotton Swabs Applicator Multipurpose Cotton Buds Swab For Makeup Cleaning Remover. Safety To Clean Babys Earwax And Belly Button.Soft And Gentle Cotton Buds Ideal For Daily UseCotton Buds With Antibacterial Ingredient To Keep Ears Clean And Fresh Longer Cotton Buds Are Made With 100% Pure Cotton. Naturally Soft, Absorbent And GentleCotton Buds Are Made From Good Quality Cotton With A Pliable Soft Plastic Stem For Added Safety ..
Baap Price: Rs.51.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.300.00
Pull Reducer, Waist Reducer Body Shaper Trimmer For Reducing Your Waistline And Burn Off Extra Calories, Arm Exercise, Tummy Fat Burner, Body Building Training, Toning Tube This Unique Product Can Tone Your Back Muscles, Reduce Belly Fat, Improve Blood Circulation And Also Improves Your Body Posture.Waist Reducer Reduces Your Waist And Strengthens Abdominal And Lower Back Muscles This Rubber Pull String Will Help You Get In Better Shape Without The Need For A Gym Membership Highly Elastic Body I..
Baap Price: Rs.83.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.487.50
Yoga Soft Expander Helps In Building Upper Body Resistance And StrengthCan Tone And Sculpt Every Muscle Group Soft Handles For Comfortable Use Ideal For Both Men And Women..
Baap Price: Rs.39.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.227.50
Stylish Banana Shaped Mini Foldable UmbrellaThe umbrella light weight and durable.Dual layer strong oversize umbrellaA good choice for kids presentIt fits comfortably into the outer casing which protects the umbrella and anything else in your bag..
Baap Price: Rs.165.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.972.50
Pack Of_4 Snore Free Nose Clip (Color: Assorted)Safe,Convenient And Reusable.Applicable To Any Shape Of Nostrils. Get A Decent Snore-Free Night'S Sleep. Eliminate Or Relieved Snoring Effectiveness. Fits Gently Into Nostrils, Holding Them Wider Apart And Making Breathing Easier And Quieter...
Baap Price: Rs.39.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.230.00
Spring Acupressure And Magnetic Therapy Accu Paduka Slippers For Full Body Blood Circulation Natural Leg Foot Massager Slippers For Men And Women Spring Acupuncture Using Multi Massage Beads.Magnetic Therapy Using Red Massage Beads. Improves Blood Circulation Through Total Body Relaxation & Prevent Leg Cramps For Both Men And Women. Easy To Use...
Baap Price: Rs.102.00
Avg Retail Price: Rs.600.00
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